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1. How durable are acrila’s acrylic products?

Made from high-grade French acrylic glass, the highest quality of Plexiglas, Acrila furniture is designed for daily use, not just for decorative purposes. In other words, it has the transparency of the glass but not the fragility. Plus almost all furniture pieces are a minimum 15mm thick to ensure a sturdy finished product.

2. Can acrila products be used for outdoor purposes?

Yes. Acrila furniture is an ideal alternative to outdoor furniture that is prone to rust or brittleness due to direct sunlight. Acrila’s acrylic does not yellow in the sun and is scratch resistant.

3. Does the acrylic surface on Acrla’s products scratch easily?

We guarantee that upon deliver your Acrila piece of furniture will be scratch free. And if your Acrila product does scratch during its lifetime most scratches can be buffed out using car polish and a soft rag.

4. Does Acrila’s acrylic stay clear all the time?

Yes. Unlike other arylic products on the market, we guarantee our acrylic will stay clear and not turn yellow or yellowish.

5. Are acrila’s chairs easily storable?

Yes, product lines that feature full acrylic legs or metal legs are stackable. Also each furniture piece comes in its own plastic, poly-bag for protection and/or storage.

Production / Shipping

6. Are your acrylic chairs and other furniture pieces mass produced?

No. Each piece of acrila furniture is hand-crafted. For example, each chair is produced, cut, and folded one by one. Much attention to detail is given to each product, including two polishing sessions.

7. Are acrila’s product made in the U.S.A.?

No. All products are made in Acrila’s factory in Bordeaux, France.

8. What is the estimate lead time to receive my acrila piece?

For in-stock products, the average shipping time is between 2 -3 weeks. For products that are out of stock and are custom orders, the shipping time varies but it’s around 10 – 12 weeks. All Acrila products are handmade in France, which accounts for the extra shipping time.

9. Do you have in-stock furniture items ready to ship?

Yes, we do have in-stock product that can be shipped in the continental U.S. between 2 – 3 weeks.

Style Flexibility / Customization

10. What acrylic colors are available?

Acrila currently offers the following:

  • Clear (no printed design)
  • Black
  • White
  • Speciality colors, like pink or green, are available upon request
  • Printed (graphic image is printed directly onto acrylic with industrial-grade printer)

11. What printed colors available?

A designer or a customer can choose from our wide-range of colors and patterns available per each product line. However, if you are looking for something more custom, we have the ability to print any Pantone color.

12. How flexible is the design process?

Extremely flexible. Because the deisgn is printed directly on the acrylic, we can easily control the design and color of your order. So if you want 10 chairs in one color, 10 chairs in a different color, and another 10 with your logo, no problem! Call 512-535-4185 or email for further details about custom furniture or commercial orders.

13. What are your most flexible product lines in terms of design?

The two lines that offer the most flexibility in customization are sixteen and baroque.

Baroque has 15 different furniture pieces to choose from, available in 9 different colors. Link to baroque:

Sixteen has 9 different furniture pieces to choose from, available in 15 color options with 2 different outlines (black or white), plus we offer several different specialty patterns (houdstooth and leopard).

Acrila Projects

14. Where can I see Acrila products?

Acrila has developed projects all over the world and can be seen in high end restaurants and luxury restaurants throughout Europe. Following are some of the projects Acrila products have been created for:

  • Nespresso boutiques
  • Porsche
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Salons and Clinics
  • Events
  • Design TV shows
  • Music TV shows
  • and more…